Are Self Cleaning Gutters a Myth?

Three things are necessary to have self-cleaning gutters:

1. A leaf guard of nature has to be installed on the gutter.

2. The amount and size of the debris must be restricted by the gutter protector.

3. The water going into the gutter must create a mixing.

Gutters Cleaning look like an impossible dream with all this said. Anyone that has a home surrounded by trees that must wash his gutters three or four times in the fall and a few times in the spring understands that a tremendous quantity of debris falls upon the roof and collects in the gutter.

Are Self Cleaning Gutters a Myth?

Another question if you may have self-cleaning gutters, how about self-cleansing lifeguards? Am I?

Having been in the company of gutter protection for more than twenty-five years, I could say that I have only seen three kinds of leaf guards which don't allow the gutters clog indoors. One was a display apparatus. When we inspected the gutter inside they were clean enough to eat. The problem was that the cover of the gutter covers was completely closed off with pine needles–seemed like a thatched roof and water couldn't enter the gutter.

The second kind is a micro mesh horizontal display that similarly gets installed in addition to the gutter. And just as with the display, nothing gets to the gutter when it clogs on top. Now the louvered system formerly mentioned only costs about $3.00 per foot to have installed and also the micro net product can cost almost $20 per foot.

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