Do you feel like a fraud?

You feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do.

Focus? What’s that? As soon as you start working on something, you feel guilty that you’re not working on something else.

You jump from project to project, and give up easily when it gets tough. Then you turn around and feel guilty about always giving up on everything and never getting stuff done.

You tell yourself that you can juggle it all, but the truth is that you’re completely overextended and in serious need of some life decluttering and reorganizing.

Laura was an insightful coach and great listener. Within 15 minutes I had clarity on an issue that was so confusing for so many months. Wish I could have her on speed dial for all of my dilemmas! Thanks so much, Laura!

- Danielle Lussier

What if you could have complete clarity and laser focus?

What if you could have a clear picture of exactly what you needed to do, and the energy to go after it 100%?

You know you have the potential, but you just can’t get it to measure up in your performance. You are smart, talented, and ambitious, but you feel like you’ve gotten lost along the way.

You feel like you are constantly trapped in a fog of frustration and all you want is to just get it to lift!

I can help.


mikepattWhen I started working with Laura, I was worried I wouldn’t get anything out of it because usually I don’t take advice well from people. “In one ear and out the other” as the saying goes. Well that wasn’t the case here. Every time we finished a session, I left feeling less stressed and with a better sense of knowing what to do. And after our sessions ended, I kept that sense of knowing and find myself tackling unknown situations better than I used to.

- Mike Patterson

Ready to de-clutter your productivity and start over with crystal-clear focus?

Power session (90 minutes + one 15-minute follow-up) – $235

For those big decisions and stuck moments. For those times when, no matter what you try, you just can’t get to a decision that will give you peace of mind. When you need a word of advice and a loving kick in the pants.

This is one intense resistance-busting session where we work on a particular area you’re stuck in, and a follow-up call you can schedule anytime during the next month. I’m going to help you dig deep and get crystal clear to bust through your uncertainty.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • a clear picture of the right decision *for you*
  • a roadmap of the next steps you need to take
  • a system of goals that focuses your priorities in the right places and ensures you don’t get lost along the way
  • a plan for cleaning up the inner obstacles that arise

Authentic courage intensive (6 weekly 60-minute sessions) – $749

Because you are tired of playing it small, and you desperately want to step up your game. Every time you try to put yourself out there, you get stuck in your fear and doubts, and it doesn’t take long before you throw in the towel and retreat to the small space you’re used to taking up.

You are meant to play bigger. Make a decision to not hold back. Let me help you learn how to put yourself out there from a place of authentic courage.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • clarity over your meaning and purpose in your work
  • a strategy for mastering your fears and doubts
  • control over negative self-defeating thoughts and beliefs and that critical voice inside your head
  • a secret formula for succeeding at anything you’re insecure over
  • The ability to say NO guilt-free (and knowledge of when to do it)

Breakthrough transformation (12 weekly 60-minute sessions) – $1475 (payment plan available)

When you’re just plain done with this shit. You’re ready to step up your game, tackle your fears and doubts head-on. You want to find your sweet spot of happiness, confidence, and success, and stay in it.

During the first month, we will detox and de-clutter your emotions and thoughts. We’ll dig out the weeds and clear the field. During the second month, we’ll start sowing the seeds of contentment, happiness, fulfillment, independence, and confidence. During the third month, we’ll solidify your transformation and equip you with the tools you need to continue your breakthrough transformation for a very long time.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Freedom from negative self-defeating thoughts and beliefs and that critical voice inside your head
  • Peace, harmony, and clarity in your relationships with others (intimate or not)
  • A complete shift in your confidence level 
  • A sense of inner peace and contentment
  • A greater ability to adapt to negative emotions, people, and circumstances and learn life’s lessons
  • Higher levels of productivity and self-care
  • Guilt-free boundary setting
  • Insight into your values and purpose
  • A deep-cleaning of your life, and clarity over exactly what’s next
  • A complete strategy for channeling your ambition and talents in a way that’s productive and satisfying

Tracy McMickingI am so grateful to have been able to work with Laura. I was impressed with how quickly she helped me get to the core of what was blocking me. Then with compassion and skill she guided me to break through to new and supportive perspectives. I am now able to settle in easily to the tasks at hand that are moving me towards my goals. Laura has the perfect mix of skill, determination and deep caring that create real results. I highly recommend working with her.

Tracy McMicking, Professional Fire Starter at Ignite Your Life


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