What Happens When You Join a Supplier Directory?

Directories of certified suppliers are popular – there are many Worldwide Brands reviews online (the most well known – and expensive directory) as well as reviews of other popular directories like Salehoo.  But how do they work and are they worth joining when the membership fee can be as much as $249 a month?

What Directories are Available to Join in 2018?

The largest directory – Worldwide Brands – has been going strong since 1999, but there are others too like Salehoo and Doba.

Salehoo is a directory with about the same number of suppliers as Worldwide Brands, but about 10% of the products available.  Thankfully it's cheaper – at only $67 per year compared to the $299 (one off) membership fee for Worldwide Brands.

Doba is similar too – but it's more of an integrated service than an sold style directory like Salehoo and Worldwide Brands.  Doba only does drop shipping and only operates in the United states, but it's a great solution for beginners and those who don't have much time – it can cost as much as $249 a month though.

Joining a Directory

When you join a basic directory like Worldwide Brands or Salehoo, you get access to tools for market research and tutorials, but the key feature is the list of wholesalers.

Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo have a database of about 8,000 certified suppliers that you can search through by keyword.  You then need to contact each supplier individually and buy from them directly – which can be time consuming.

Are They Worth Joining?

If you have the money to spend and time to manage your supplier relationships, then yes – directories are about the safest way to find reliable suppliers.  Directories like Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are only worth joining if you can afford the time and money – they are not worth anything if you do not make the most of their features.

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