What Are The Cause Of Urinary Incontinence And What Can Flotrol Due To Fix Them?

The loss of bladder control is no laughing matter. This is a condition that can seriously affect your quality of life. Those who suffer from long-term cases of incontinence tend to experience a decrease in their social well being and some even are affected by deep depression. This is not something that you want to be dealing with. There are some temporary causes of urinary incontinence that you should be aware of. This is what happens when you start to experience incontinence at a level that you never have before in the past. Let's take a look at these causes below. 

Specific foods and drinks are known causes of incontinence issues in both men and women of all age groups. Alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, and those with artificial sweeteners tend to cause people to have issues controlling their bladder. Foods like chocolate, chili peppers, and citrus fruits are all known causes of temporary incontinence. Medications for high blood pressure, antihistamines, and sedatives are also causes of temporary incontinence. 

If you are suffering from temporary incontinence, you should work on eliminating the source of the incontinence. This can be as simple as avoiding a certain drink or food. In the event that you find the cause of your urinary incontinence is actually do to another long-term issues, we suggest you start taking the Flotrol supplement.

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