The truth about disempowering beliefs and how to defeat them

Have you ever told yourself that you’re stupid or ugly?

Have you ever looked at yourself and told yourself how fat and lazy you are?

Have you ever given up on a project because you didn’t believe in yourself enough?

You’re not alone.

Virtually every person in the world has told themselves something they shouldn’t have. There is no one in this world who hasn’t at least once made a self-demeaning comment to him or herself.

Disempowering beliefs are not only painful, but also dangerous. They can cause you to abandon many projects that could have made a positive impact on your life. Fortunately, they’re not impossible to defeat. Click play to learn three truths about self-defeating thoughts and how to remove them from your life.

In summary, your disempowering beliefs…

1. …come from your ego trying to dissuade you from changing

2. …do not belong to you

3. …will stick around for as long as you continue to feed them

They don’t look nearly as daunting when you see what they’re really made of, do they? ;)

What disempowering belief will you eliminate first?


Be fearless.
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