Relationship Between People And Plants


People do love to live in nature but latest office infrastructure takes the people away from nature and close them in artificial environment this has result in requirement of office plants. Employees do feel refreshed and energetic when they work in presence of indoor plants. Many researches have been taken place to understand the direct relation between the plants and people’s productivity and they have resulted that presence of indoor plant have positive impact on productivity of employee. Employee do recover from mental fatigue because of the presence of plant.

Stress and Discomfort Removal

Presence of plants remove the stress and discomfort of employees. When it has been considered that how does plant presence exactly impacts employees then it has resulted in reduction of sick leave when plants were placed in office.

Mood and Emotion

Indoor plant presence highly impacts in positive manner upon mood and emotion of the person. People get healed soon from bad mood and low emotion when they feel themselves to be surrounded by plants as they feel themselves near to nature.

Job Satisfaction

Plants in office improves the job satisfaction of employee as employees feels better in such office, he remains healthy because of plant presence and he works in best manner as his mood remain good. All these factors give the best result in productivity of employee and they remain fully satisfied.

Plant hire in Melbourne is quite common as corporates do understand the value of indoor plant and they do invest for the welfare of their employees.

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