How to sell yourself

I am great at selling. I sell things, other people, and random products like they’re the next best thing since sliced bread.

But when it comes to selling myself, or something I made?

Oh, hell no.

I disappoint myself on a daily (okay, hourly) basis. How am I supposed to tell someone else I will be worth their time and money and keep a straight face through it all?

But if you’re an entrepreneur (and not only if you’re an entrenepreur, but especially if you are one) selling yourself and what you create is a part of your day-to-day life. If you want to be successful, you have to know your own worth, say it loud and say it proud.

Being sick and tired with my own apparent inability to sell myself, I’ve come up with an exercise for gaining confidence in yourself, seeing what you’re really worth, and learning to sell yourself. It’s simple (all the best and most effective things are), but powerful.

Ready? Let’s go.

anais1. Imagine yourself as your best friend. Take a few moments to really get into his/her shoes.

2. Now suppose your friend was talking to a prospective client/employer/person she thinks you should get in touch with. What would she tell them about you? How would she “sell” you? Take a few minutes to visualize the scene, then write down what your friend would say.

3. Repeat the above two exercises, this time with other people close to you (your parents, your significant other, your best client, your dog…) Just keep thinking of people who appreciate you from different perspectives.

4. From everything you’ve written down, distill your “selling points” – how do they make you irresistible?

5. Now you have a general, rough set of things that make you totally awesome – it’s time to start being picky. Which of these qualities are best for your business, or for the job you’re interviewing for? What makes you simply a fantastic friend/person?

6. Combine these qualities into pitches. Or, close the notebook and forget about the entire exercise, and next time you’re selling yourself simply channel your inner friend/mom/excited client. That works too.

BONUS: E-mail three people close to you and ask them what they love about you!

What were your results? What do you still need to learn to love about yourself?


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  1. Hi Laura
    This is a tough one. You get better with experience. You could start with a lower cost with your first few clients in return for referrals or giving a testimony for you.
    One thing never show desperation. In my negotiations when I have done this the other party would always sense this. (this was on face to face negotiations). I got better with time and also aimed for a fair deal for both parties. This will help in building long term relationships. This may apply to your coaching clients.
    I have not yet started my on-line business yet. Your posts are getting better and as you are learning from your own setbacks you grow stronger.
    I hope this makes sense and is helpful.
    Kind Regards

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