How to deal with not getting what you want

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Recently, I’ve been having a tough time dealing with not getting what I want. From the big things to the little things, it’s been a pattern in my life that I finally decided to address.

Once I figured out a system for handling it, I felt much better and was able to let things go and know what to do next.

I love this issue because it’s something we all struggle with! It’s never easy to let go of the disappointment of not having gotten what we wanted.

In the video, I’ll give you a 3-step system that will help you take that disappointment and turn it into something that will help you grow. Interested? Click play.

In the comments below, tell me:

1. What did you want and not get, and what need were you trying to fulfill with that desire?

2. Where was this need missing in your life?

3. Is this a pattern in your life, or just a one-time thing? What are you going to do about it?

Be fearless.
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  1. Hi

    Im a young man (25) from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

    I wanted to feel safe and respected.
    It was on my bike in the city where I live, cars come rushing by and they come way too close and it feels dangerous. Also I dont feel safe outside in the city because I have been beaten up badly before by strangers.

    This is a pattern. I dont know what to do about it because I feel it is healthy and normal that I dont feel safe here. What I did do about it is that I bought pepperspray, thats illegal here, but when you are being beaten down you wish you had it, so I learned from that.

    Maybe you have a tip? I like your video, you are so young and so wise. You tell other things then others in most of these kind of videos. thats great

  2. by the way you should refer to girlfriends too, because im a man :P

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