Hey there!

6211_118948120833_5910365_nIn an effort to provide quality content that actually helps people like you, I closed down my blog and switched to a newsletter format.

Every month, subscribers receive a high-quality newsletter packed full of content from me as well as other influential coaches and bloggers around the internet.

I made this change because blogging simply didn’t feel right to me anymore. Between the insecurity of not knowing who exactly I was writing for (new visitors or existing readers) and the space restrictions which made me feel like I could never quite unfurl into my writing the way I wanted to and make the biggest impact, I realized that a blog system just doesn’t work well for me. Not right now.

Link to Yourself is all about having the courage to stay true to yourself.

It’s about being authentic, even if it means that you’re the only one doing things differently. So I’m taking a dose of my own medicine, and going my own way. Maybe this will be better, maybe it won’t. My intuition says it will, and that’s what I follow every day.

The first newsletter is going to go out on March 1st. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can sign up for it HERE (you will also receive my 40-day fear detox eCourse for free).

In the meantime, I invite you to read my story or join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where I share various bits of my life and helpful nuggets of wisdom.