Finding Drop Shippers with a Directory

Most owners of a new e-commerce store will turn to WorldwideBrands, Salehoo or other directories to find drop shippers for their businesses – or even marketplaces of Chinese wholesalers like DHGate and Ali Express.  Directories are good sources of high quality goods, but they are not the only options – there are both advantages and disadvantages to using a site like Worldwide Brands.

Some of the main advantages of Worldwide Brands and other directories (when looking for reliable drop shippers) are that all of their suppliers are curated and certified as reliable and legitimate – and then of course there's the convenience.  There are many thousands of suppliers in these directories – about 8,000 in each – and from them millions of products all in one place.  Worldwide Brands has the most wholesale products, at 16 million, and Salehoo has about 2.5 million.

There are disadvantages to joining a closed directory though – and the main one is the price of membership.  Salehoo costs $67 per year and Worldwide Brands is $299 for lifetime membership.  Doba is by far the most expensive though – with membership starting at $29 a month all the way up to $249 a month.

So although directories like Worldwide Brands are safe and convenient, they are also expensive.  Whether you should join one or not, as a new Shopify store owner, depends on how much you have to invest – if it's not very much, you may be better off buying from somewhere like Ali Express.

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