What to do when you’re feeling unsafe

I have big dreams with this website. In my mind, this website is already helping a lot of people connect with their inner power and live more vibrant lives.

Right now, In all honesty (if I am to “walk the talk” about authenticity…) this website is still tiny.

One of my goals is to make these coffee chats actual “chats”. A (mostly) real conversation with at least one of my amazing readers (and viewers!)  A place where I can answer your questions and help you directly.

But, when you’re tiny, you celebrate every little success.

Last week, when I had the great pleasure of being asked my very first question on this site, I immediately jumped at the idea of starting this “newer” version of LTY coffee chats. So, while most weeks it’ll still probably be me talking to you about some inane important subject, on others I will get  to have the real conversation I crave.

This week, the conversation is about safety, more specifically, un-safety. Click play to watch.

What do you think?

Have you ever felt unsafe? Was it the result of #1 or #2? What did you do about it?

Be fearless.
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