Get wildly better results by doing this one thing before you start working

How do you want to feel when you’re working? Inspired? Creative? Charged? On Fire? Insightful? Connected?

How do you really feel when you’re working?

Anxious? Stressed out?

Like you’re not getting enough done? Like you need results ASAP?

Worried that your client will ask you the one thing you won’t be able to answer?

Begging for an insight to help you build a good course that sells?

All of these feelings have their root in stress and fear.

What do you think happens when you sit down to work and the first thing you feel is stress? [Read more...]

Want more money? Thank your Christmas tree.

This weekend, we put up our Christmas tree.

Since then, I hugged it and thanked it every day.

I thanked it for giving its life to light up my house and my life.

I thanked it for being so full and beautiful.

I thanked it for having strong branches that keep all of our silly ornaments without dropping them.

I thanked it for sparkling so beautifully under the weight of the lights and decorations – just for us.

I thanked it because, by its nature, it was selfless. Maybe not by choice, but the end result was the same – it fills my heart with joy every day as I work right next to it and get to take little peeks and long glances at it, daydreaming of flurries and battles in the snow.

My Christmas tree isn’t the only thing that gets thanks.

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Make this your first holiday dinner without hurt feelings

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of America’s favorite holidays.

Coming from Romania, Thanksgiving is something I knew nothing about until a few years ago, except for the image I gleaned from Hollywood: a big family dinner full of all the uncles you never want to have over for dinner, and lots of tasty food.

Once I came to the United States, I got the confirmation that, for many people, that’s exactly what Thanksgiving is: a big family dinner (with its good and bad), full of delicious food, mixed in with some gratitude and followed by a killer football game.

I come from a country known for its big, loud, obnoxious family gatherings with tons of food (Romanians are a lot like Italians in that respect). I’ve had my fair share of hurt feelings and awkward questions around the dinner table.

Coming together with people from your extended family is never easy – especially not when grandma is obsessed with asking you when you’re getting married and uncle George always has to bring up some controversial topic that makes everyone scream at each other.

This holiday season, I have a proposition for you: don’t let your feelings get hurt. [Read more...]

How to create amazing stuff

I have gone missing for the past month.

Yes, it’s been a month.

Yes, I’m ashamed. I’m shocked. I’m upset.

No, I didn’t realize it. Time just flew by. One week, I was thinking “oh, I’ll just skip this week…” then I was thinking “well I still didn’t write anything good enough this week, so I’ll let it be…”

The third week I just avoided even thinking about it.

I hid behind being busy, being tired, and most of all being afraid.

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Why you’re stuck and nothing is working

So you’ve made up your mind to eliminate a bad habit. Or build a good one. To change something about your life. Make it better.

You want to lose weight and feel good in your skin again.

You want to get organized and stop procrastinating.

You want to make your business more successful.

You want to wake up early and be productive.

You want to cultivate the habit of mindfulness and become more zen.

You’ve gone out, done your research, and immersed yourself in books, websites, and “friendly advice”. You’ve tried a dozen different diets, snoozed a million times, taken more business courses than your wallet can afford, and only become more frustrated in the process.

No matter what you try, nothing seems to change. You’re stuck, and you’re ready to throw yourself on the floor and stomp and cry like a toddler because nothing. is. working, dammit!

I’ve been there. [Read more...]

How to sell yourself

I am great at selling. I sell things, other people, and random products like they’re the next best thing since sliced bread.

But when it comes to selling myself, or something I made?

Oh, hell no.

I disappoint myself on a daily (okay, hourly) basis. How am I supposed to tell someone else I will be worth their time and money and keep a straight face through it all?

But if you’re an entrepreneur (and not only if you’re an entrenepreur, but especially if you are one) selling yourself and what you create is a part of your day-to-day life. If you want to be successful, you have to know your own worth, say it loud and say it proud.

Being sick and tired with my own apparent inability to sell myself, I’ve come up with an exercise for gaining confidence in yourself, seeing what you’re really worth, and learning to sell yourself. It’s simple (all the best and most effective things are), but powerful.

Ready? Let’s go.

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How disconnected are you?

We think we’re connected. We think that, just because we have access to 500 friends on Facebook, we are connected to them.

But we’re not.

When you feel unhappy, stuck, like something’s just missing – you’re disconnected. You’re disconnected from yourself, and disconnected from others.

Liking someone’s cute baby pictures on Facebook does not mean being connected to them, no matter how much it may superficially feel that way.

Puttering around in the same kitchen at work as someone else does not mean that you are connected with them. Neither does making small talk mean that.


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Self-love: Aren’t you forgetting something?

This blog post is part of the Week of Self-Love hosted by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt of

Throughout the past few years, as I’ve gotten more and more acquainted with my intuition, I’ve grown to love my heart and hate my mind.

9-25-13 Self-loveEvery time I write an article and my heart is singing the words to me, my mind eventually interferes. When I re-read the draft later, I can always tell where the mind started talking and the heart stopped.

Every time I meditate, or sit watching a sunset in awe of its beauty, just when I reach that peak of intensity, my mind jumps right in with some trivial thought.

It’s like a demanding, spoiled little brat. One that constantly pulls on your sleeve asking for attention or throws rotten tomatoes at you as you’re lounging on the beach.

I’m also very introspective. Which means I investigate and observe everything my mind does. And, the more I do it, the more I grow to dislike the ego and its manifestation through my mind. Mindless actions, poor decisions, bad habits… you name it.

And for a very long time I kept thinking of my mind just like that – like a dangerous temptation, a pesky annoyance. Something I was constantly trying to control, to shut down, to turn down.

Until one fateful day. [Read more...]

Our road trip honeymoon adventure

I’m back, y’all!

Sunset in Iowa

Sunset in Iowa

What a beautiful road trip we had! And how many things we learned from it! One of many adventures in our life as newlyweds.

I know I was supposed to post this yesterday… but we just returned a couple of days ago and I’ve been so busy being utterly lazy and going through our pictures that I simply didn’t feel this post was ready until now!

Here’s what we learned… [Read more...]

Wanna fly? You’ll need this…

I am SUPER excited because TOMORROW I’m leaving on my 2-week honeymoon road trip!

Can I get a WOO HOO?!?!?!

Beyond the fact that I desperately need a break from my day job, Tim and I have been waiting for this forever. Seriously. F-o-r-e-v-e-r!

Our little family

Our little family on our wedding day!

We got married December 31st at the courthouse (we had the sweetest judge!), and now we’re FINALLY having our honeymoon! We knew from the beginning we wanted it to be a hiking trip (we’re outdoors folks) and planned it around the beginning of the school year (fewer crowds) and fall, our favorite season.

Since I’m from across the ocean, we’re waiting until next year (hopefully!) when my family can join us to have the real deal. But it’s still going to be an intimate wedding… that’s just our style.

On our trip we’ll be hiking in the Grand Tetons, visiting Yellowstone, and seeing some of the Pacific Northwest. I can’t wait to tell you all about it (and share some pictures with you) when I come back! I bet I’ll have some great insights to share from this trip.

Since I won’t have any internet access next week for sure and WordPress can be iffy about releasing scheduled posts at the right time, there won’t be a post next week! But I’m going to schedule something to go out the week after that, since I’ll have enough internet access to make sure you get it.

But today’s video has absolutely nothing to do with all of that. It’s completely random.

You see, I finally had the flying dream. Yep, I’ve never had it before. And it was AWESOME!

But, more importantly, it taught me a great lesson about life, one that I desperately needed to be reminded of right about now. And I thought I’d share it with you. Hope you enjoy it!

And yes, I know the video got cut off at the end. That was just my inability to cut the video properly. I apologize. My last few words were “and so that you can fly!”



How are you going to take this lesson to heart and apply it in your life?

Share your thoughts in the comments!