How to be yourself – a guide

Be yourself – you’ve heard this phrase a million times. What does it really mean?

It’s at the essence of this website – Link to Yourself.

It means you are in touch with your intuition, your gut, your inner observer and your inner wisdom.

You respect and honor yourself and your needs.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. - C. G. JungYou only do what feels right, and throw conventionality to the curb.

You are not afraid of judgment, because you understand that others’ judgment of you is only a reflection of their own inability to connect with themselves, and not a cue for shame.

You welcome and embrace critics, knowing that the more in tune you will be with yourself, and the more progress you will make toward fulfilling your true potential, the more uncomfortable you might make others who have not reached this level of authenticity.

You do not let yourself be held back, because this life is too short. What matters is fulfilling your potential and living a vibrant life connected with yourself – your intuition, your wisdom. You don’t have time to do what others tell you to do – only what you feel is right.

You are honest and genuine, because authenticity truly is the biggest treasure we can give to those around us. Authenticity strips away judgment and shows others a naked image of a true vibrant life.

You are not afraid to be authentic, because you know that no one can touch you without your consent. You control your experiences through your questions and reactions, and are the master of your future.

You take care of yourself, because YOU are the most precious thing you have in this life. Without a smoothly functioning physical, mental, and emotional system, you cannot do the things you are meant to do in this world, meet your full potential, and inspire and help others.

You accept all other people and look for the best in them, because you know that the world can only be a better place if we all renounce resentment and blame by taking responsibility for our lives and following our intuition and authenticity. You encourage and help others do that for themselves.

Please, don’t be afraid to be your true, naked, vulnerable, authentic, raw self.

Instead, jump right into life, wholeheartedly.

Give of yourself to others freely (but not carelessly).

Love everyone with all of your heart and might.

Be generous with your positive energy and words of encouragement.

You will live the richest life you have ever imagined. And, I promise you – you won’t regret it.

Be fearless.
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  1. Michael Campas says:

    This is very powerful. This is a definite eye opener and I am definitely intrigued.

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