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You want more.

You want more from yourself. You want more from life.

More abundance. More health. More happiness. More peace. More freedom. More courage.

You want a better business. A better relationship. A better life.

And you’ve tried everything.

You’ve improved your time management skills. You’ve read countless books. You’ve tried a million diets.

But the changes are minimal, and you’re still stuck.

You feel stuck in a small space, despite all your effort to make it bigger.

And it feels icky and small and dark and lonely.

You know there is more inside of you. You know you are capable of more.

You yearn to play bigger. To put yourself out there. To truly shine from your heart.

You realize that you’ve been approaching change the wrong way.


You need a holistic solution.

A system that will help you step into your true power and create change from the inside out.


Your transformation coach Laura!

I’m Laura, your transformation coach.

You want support. A close-knit posse of girlfriends who will hold you accountable and push you to look deeper when you want to look away, who will fully listen to you and who will push you to greater heights.

You want guidance. Someone who’s been there more times than she can count, and who can lead you to step out of your limitations and into your greatness.

You want a system. Something you can make your own and use over and over again to continuously grow into the person you’re meant to be.

You want focused attention. You feel lost in huge courses where you barely get to ask a question, and want someone to help YOU.


The answer: Authentic Change Program

A 6-week course that will transform your relationship to yourself and enable you to create powerful change from the inside out.


>> VERY small group (max. 8 people)

We’re going to work in a very small group so there can be ample support and you can build relationships that last!

>> weekly e-mail assignments

Every week, you will receive an e-mail with a workbook, journaling prompts, meditations and assignments for that week. They will be manageable on a tough schedule but specific so that you can implement them in about 10 focused minutes a day!

>> weekly e-mail progress reports

Everyone will send a weekly progress report to the group every week so the posse can fully support each other. Of course, the e-mail group is fully open for questions, comments, and support whenever you need it or want to offer it. (I’ll be replying every once in a while too!)

>> weekly hour-long coaching calls

Once a week, everyone will hop on a Google Hangout or Skype to have a coaching call with me where the focus is all on YOU. This is your time to ask me questions and get all the help and support you need. I’ll be actively helping you transform the blocks that are holding you back and create the change you want in your life.


By the end of the 6 weeks, you will walk away feeling completely NEW!


You will have a system that you can use every 199time you wish to create change in your life (no matter how big or small).

You will have a deeper and better understanding of yourself and what’s holding you back from achieving success and happiness.

You will have developed habits that will help you continually grow even if you don’t do anything else.


You will be a lot happier with your life, period.


Tracy McMickingI am so grateful to have been able to work with Laura. I was impressed with how quickly she helped me get to the core of what was blocking me. Then with compassion and skill she guided me to break through to new and supportive perspectives. I am now able to settle in easily to the tasks at hand that are moving me towards my goals. Laura has the perfect mix of skill, determination and deep caring that create real results. I highly recommend working with her.

Tracy McMicking, Professional Fire Starter at Ignite Your Life


The value that you get with this course is AMAZING.

But I want to make this affordable.

Because I know just how frustrating it is to be right where you are. To feel stuck, to want to move forward, and to feel like your future is just out of reach.

So I’m offering you this course at $199.



Imagine just how much change you can create in your life, over and over again (not to mention the benefit of having a daily short power-habit that slowly improves your life) for the price of a two-night stay at a hotel!


Because this is a small group class, the space is limited. (I can only run so many groups at a time!)

Because I believe so much in the power of this course, I’m offering a 100% money-back guarantee on it. As long as you show me that you’ve done the work, I’m happy to refund you the money for this course in full.