Are Landlords Responsible for Water Damage?

Water damage is never fun to deal with. Thankfully, if you rent a home or apartment, you don’t really have to. It can be sudden, but it can also be hidden. There are many signs that you can look for whenever it comes to water damage, but either way, a routine inspection should be done regardless.

If you have a suspicion, you should contact your landlord regardless of the situation. There might be moisture that you can’t see and this can cause mold to grow and cause even more problems. Mold will make you sick and cause a lot of breathing problems. The landlord can even pin this on you if you don’t report it early enough.

Damage Control 911 says that landlords must take care of the plumbing and other water systems in your rented living space, considering it revolves around a safe and healthy environment. However, they can avoid charges and even sue you for this if you don’t report it.

They can also avoid paying for damaged possessions if you don’t move them out of the way in time. Water damage is very annoying, but if everyone cooperates, it can be taken care of quicker and more efficiently to avoid more expensive problems in the future.

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