Welcome! I’m Laura Gabriela Jones.


  • look for answers within myself and outside the box,
  • systematically and strategically question and break rules,
  • squeak when I hiccup,
  • live life my way,
  • and help others do the same.

… minus the squeaking. Sorry folks, I don’t think that’s teachable.

I’m borderline (who am I kidding?) crazy with a smidgeon of sweet, a dollop of loving, a sprinkling of stubborn, a healthy helping of curiosity, a side of tough cookie, and a whole lotta kick-ass pizzazz.

I’ve never been what you’d call “normal”. I’ve never fit in completely, and I’ve never been capable of doing things the way they “should” be done. Sometimes I am that ridiculous friend who dreams really big, knows way too much for her own good, always manages to blurt out inappropriate things, and really knows how to be awkward sometimes. Y’know?

While trying to navigate life in my awkward, ridiculous, inappropriate ways, I’ve been through a world of hurt, and learned a ton. Over ten years ago I started a journey into the depths of my soul.

Slowly, as I learned to love myself and follow the wisdom of my higher self, I began healing. As I changed my life around, others started reaching out to learn how to do the same. This is how Link to Yourself was started, as a seed in my mind many years ago.

My story

I’ve always felt that I had a purpose in this world.

When I was little, I would talk about the difference I would make in this world. How I would change it, even if only a little bit, to make it a better place.

But, as time passed, I only got more confused. I started seeing all of the things that were “wrong” with me and kept asking myself, how can I make a difference like this?

I looked around me and saw people who seemed more capable, more organized, and just plain better at everything than I was.

And all I wanted to do was be them. (Not the self they really were, mind you – the one they portrayed. Silly, I know. Tends to happen to a lot of us though, doesn’t it?)

So I would maneuver myself with tricks and techniques, fighting against my imperfections. I thought that, if only I were more…[insert quality], I would be happy, successful, and fulfilled.

I put myself on diets, tried countless time management systems, and devoured self-help books like nobody’s business.

But they never really worked. Even though I was going through the steps and implementing the systems, their real effects didn’t hold a candle to my expectations.

I felt lost and confused, and started blaming myself for everything.

After all, if others could make it work, why couldn’t I?

So I kept trying to find out what was wrong with me.

Maybe I didn’t have enough self-control. Or maybe I just wasn’t cut out to be great. Maybe I was meant for a life of mediocrity.

But that couldn’t be true. I knew there simply had to be more to life.

The real change happened when I started looking for help in the one place I had never looked: within.

Once I did that, I realized why all of the systems had never worked:

I was just not in touch with myself.

All the diets, systems, and tricks I used never worked because I never connected with my soul to find out what it really needed.

I just kept diagnosing myself with whatever problems I thought I had and throwing “solutions” at it without ever looking inside to see what was really going on and what my body and soul really needed.

When I looked inside, I discovered a truth that changed my life: Perfection lies within each and every one of us. But, blinded by our desire to fit into an artificial mold, we never see the treasure that already lies within.

The real work was not in changing myself to be better. It was in embracing my inner perfection fully and hand picking the right systems and tools for me by following the guidance of my inner wisdom.

Once I embraced my truth and started allowing my inner sun to shine, the right methods and systems started working.

I lost 20 lbs.

I discovered that, yes, I was capable of having a very happy and successful relationship, and subsequently, marriage.

I slept infinitely better and increased my energy levels by a lot.

My fear levels plummeted, and I was able to be authentic and enjoy it.

Success started happening, just like that.

This didn’t happen overnight. It took me many years to get to a place of true emotional freedom.

And I know that there’s still so much more for me to discover about myself and the world. So much more light to uncover and let shine.

This is what Link to Yourself is all about.

My dream

What is your biggest dream?

My dream is to help you make yours come true.

After years of shedding the spotlight into every nook and cranny of my soul, I’ve found my purpose. It is to help people. People who are stuck just the way I was.

Brave, strong, wonderful people who feel stuck in their fears, doubts, and self-imposed limitations. And who are ready to break free of them.

You grow up constantly being told what’s imperfect about you, what you have to change and what you have to improve on.

So you do. You constantly work on yourself. You’re never satisfied with who you are.

You know what you can be. You know you can be amazing. And yet, that happiness, that fulfillment is just out of reach.

I’m here to help you bridge that gap. To help you find that happiness and fulfillment right here, in who you are right now. To overcome the thoughts and emotions that are holding you back from being anything less than your best version of yourself.

Because life is too short to not be the best version of yourself.

Is today the day you find your freedom and take back your life?

You hold the key to your life. I can help you unlock your future and discover who you’re truly meant to be.

Don’t you think you’ve waited long enough?

Join me!

Let’s light up the world, one perfectly brave soul at a time.

Take my 40 day fear detox, or work with me one on one!