12 Free Security Tips

Here are 12 FREE tips that you can use today to create you own peace of mind and security all without spending a dime.

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1. Trim all hedges and bushes and low laying branches away from your home.  This will remove any places that burglars can hide behind or climb up.

2. Don’t leave any house keys in easy to find places like under front door mats or above front porch lights.  Use some creativity if you need to leave a key out.

3.  Don’t let newspapers or circulars pile up outside your home.  This screams “I’m away on vacation and easy to rob.”

4.  Don’t put your trash out too early, especially big and flashy boxes for gaming systems and TV’s.  Trash out early screams that you are away from your home on vacation and new electronic boxes  is simply and advertisement for the goodies waiting inside.

5. Do leave a pair of men’s work boots, scuffed up, outside on your porch or by the garage. This is especially true for single woman. This makes it’s appear as if a man lives here and makes the home less vulnerable.

6.  Do leave a dog bowl or dog items around the yard.  Maybe even spring for a beware of dog sign.  Burglars really don’t like dogs and would prefer not to mess with a home that might get them bite.

7.  If you only have one car, alternate what spaces you park it in the driveway.  Your car will leave wear and create an imprint around it’s everyday spot.  Parking in several places will make it appear that more than one person lives at this home which makes the home less vulnerable.

8.  Don’t leave your garage door opener visible in your car.  These are stolen and used to gain entry into homes after the burglar has looked up your address from your car registration that you probably keep in your glove box.  Make sure your glove box and car are locked at all times.

9. Put a pass code lock on your cellphone to avoid anyone finding out information about you that could lead them to your home and don’t program in your spouse or family members under names like mom, hubby or sweetie. Use real names so in the event that your phone is accessed or stolen the crook can’t text the person asking for information to your home.

10. This might seem like a no-brainer, but lock your doors and windows and make sure your garage is shut.  Nothing says I’m an easy target than a garage door wide open and no cars at home.

11.  Create a neighborhood watch with a solid communication system that neighbors can receive alerts through.  Many neighborhoods are able to identify and stop crime before it happens by being vigilante.

12.  Constantly be aware of your surroundings at home and in your neighborhood and don’t be afraid to report anything suspicious. It’s better to be cautious and wrong than hesitant and robbed.

While these twelve tips are a great start to any home security plan and should be done by all homeowners, homes in higher areas of crime should do additional research on monitored security alarm system and security camera systems.

The cost of installing an alarm system has decreased over the last couple of years with monitoring rates as low as $15 per month in Atlanta and even less for self-monitoring units. Security cameras cost more initially, but do provide a constant stream of protection and visible proof if an incident happens.  Crime Fighters of Atlanta suggest considering all your security options for your best possible protection. In the meantime, this top 12  list is a free, easy to accomplish plan for all home owners looking to add security to their home.

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