10 Tips for Planning a Tech Conference that Women Will Actually Want to Attend

We live in the era of rationality and feminism where opinions are no longer suppressed. They are voiced out in the open and comments are passed. Conferences have become a larger and more powerful platform to discuss about diverse issues and elements with an aim of coming to an understanding. However, such a conference cannot be held without its essential ingredient- people- for it should be the convergence of both genders. Then again, tech conferences have seen more males than females. To garner women to attend your tech conference lies within the planning of it.

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Here are some useful tips about planning a tech conference that women will actually want to attend:

Creating a diverse-tocracy refers to the process of acquiring varied individuals in terms of caste, race, gender and age to be involved in various programs, panels, and speeches. This is a way of expressing to the public that the conference is in favour of equality and welcomes an assortment of viewpoints.

  • Recruit power with perception:

You need people who are popular and have connections to expand your reach and actually sell tickets to. Make sure these people have their own set of perspectives and case studies to contribute. Those coming to a conference want to hear a distinct narrative as well as widen the scope for an intellectual and factual discussion. Hence, recruiting does play a huge role in the planning process.

  • Expand the capacity of the main theme:

The main theme of the conference should be clear and distinct. Incorporating general issues that majority of the people face while attending or as a result of tech conferences into the main theme will make women relax towards coming forward with their views.

  • Include programs for diverse communities:

The main focus being women, adding separate programs that facilitate women participation and interaction in the conference is quite a boost. As in, creating a platform for women to encounter various investors and entrepreneurs will increase women participation in the conference.

  • Establish conduct and freedom of speech among your workers:

To pull off a successful conference requires a team effort. Allow the team to put forward their ideas as well. Also, make sure every team player knows how to handle situations in case anything goes wrong. This will ensure smooth organizing of the conference.

  • Sufficient content guidelines should be provided:

Most speakers know exactly how to present their views but enforcing immaculate content guidelines will ensure a smooth conference. Let the speakers know that their speech must be comprehensive at any cost.

  • Stimulate the role of women and people of colour in the tech community:

Women and people of colour are not mere consumers. Many are entrepreneurs and technologists. The world needs to not just see but understand this concept. Therefore, you need to emphasize on this in discussions to incite a change in the mind-set of the general at large.

  • Let the ‘fun-factor’ take a backseat:

Make sure that the seriousness of the conference must not get overshadowed by unnecessary jesting and entertainment.

  • Display products that serve the interest of many groups:

Women want to see women-centric products. Discussing on how the products cater to a woman’s needs will get their attention. Unisex products can be showcased if the speaker emphasizes on honest benefits to women if they use those products.

  • Improve the work environment:

The majority of complaints from women revolve around the work environment not being quite as friendly as it is to other groups. Acknowledge this and implement measures to improve the overall work environment.

Bottom Line: If diversity issues are redressed, women will definitely want to attend tech conferences.

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