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Hey there! I’m Laura.

Laura G. JonesFor years, I struggled with constant insecurity and anxiety over whether I was doing it "right". I always second-guessed my decisions and spent more time changing my mind and planning to take action than I did actually getting results.

Over time, I arrived at a place where life feels naturally balanced. Doubts turned into confidence and panic turned into focus as I took charge of life as my playground.

Make life your playground.

My fun, creative, intuitive mindset shifts can help you find laser focus, gain clarity over big decisions that hang over your head, take decisive action without constantly backpedaling, and confidently step into the life of your dreams.

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It looks like I'm singing! I'll spare you the suffering in the video though. No worries.

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This is my favorite working spot. I have my kitties (the second one you can see lying on the chair in the kitchen), my Christmas tree, and my laptop. What else could I want?

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